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College Algebra

  • Instructor: Mahad Salad
  • Lectures: 140
  • Students: 7
  • Duration: 30 days

Math is incomplete without Algebra. Algebra is major part of Math. Algebra is everywhere in our lives. You cannot go for higher studies in Math without algebra.  It is a gateway to higher Math like Calculus, Geometry and Trigonometry. Algebra is foundational for advanced Math classes, as well as many other subjects. In fact today’s modern industry rely totally on Algebra.

This course of College Algebra is a comprehensive course that covers in depth all topics typically taught in a standard Schools, Colleges and Universities. The Chapters allow you to master and practice one concept at a time.

Learning Algebra helps to develop your critical thinking skills, including problem solving and logical reasoning. Studying algebra helps your mind to think logically, break down and solve problems. A good understanding of this advanced concept is essential for you and will help later subjects such as Physics, Engineering and Economics.

The course contains a series of 140 videos explained in Somali language that are broken up into various chapters. Each chapter builds upon the previous one. Using the Content you can pick and choose the topics that are causing you the most difficulty and find the videos easily in numerical order. This course of College Algebra there are also many standard example questions so you can practice what you have learned and a step by step solution procedure which will teach you strategies to tackle various types of problems. Hopefully after watching this course any confusion or difficulties will be a thing of the past.

At your fingertips you will have a wide range of tricks and strategies that will lower your stress levels and make your learning fun. So what are you waiting for? Start to register today and be the master of College Algebra. We would be honored if you would join by clicking “Enroll Now 100% Risk Free.”

See you inside!

Please keep in touch, let us know how we are doing and if there is anything extra we can provide to assist you with your learning of College Algebra.

Xisaabtu sideedaba ma dhameystirna Advanced Algebra la’aanteed. Advanced Algebraduna waxa ay tahay qeyb aad muhiim ugu ah xisaabta. Uma gudbi kartid Algebrada la’aanteeda qaybaha sare ee xisaabta waxa ayna fure u tahay xisaabaha sare sida Calculus, Geometry and Trigonometry. Sidoo kale hadaad Algebrada aasaaskeeda si fiican u fahanto waxay kaa caawineysaa inaad sidoo kale si fiican u fahanto maadooyinka kale ee sayniska sida Physics, Chemistry, Engineering and Economics.
Koorsadan waa Advanced Algebra waxa ayna ka kooban tahay cutubyada ugu muhiimsan Advanced Algebrada ee lagu barto dugsiyada sare, jaamacadaha iyo macadyada sare ee kala duwan.
Barashada Advanced Algebra waxa ay kaa caawin doontaa sare qaadida maskaxdaada inay si fiican oo fudud u xalin karto mas’alooyinka iyo xisaabaadka kala duwan ee adag.
Koorsadan waxa ay ka kooban tahay 140 video oo si fiican oo faahfaahsan loogu sharxay luqada af Soomaaliga, waxayna isugu xigxigaan hab wanaagsan oo midba midka kale ku xiran.
Adiga oo isticmaalaya Tusmada (Contents) waxaad si fudud uga dooran kartaa cutub kasta iyo video kasta oo aad u baahan tahay iyo waliba meeshaad is leedahay waa ay kugu adag tahay.
Koorsadan waxa kale oo aad ka heleysaa tusaalooyin badan oo si talaabo talaabo ah kuugu sharxaaya habka ugu fudud ee loo xaliyo su’aalaha kala duwan ee Advanced Algebra.
Inshaa allaah kadib marka aad dhameysato koorsadan waxaa kaa hari doona fahan la’aantii iyo welwelkii aad ka qabtay Advanced Algebra.
Hadaba maxaad sugeysaa? Is diiwaangeli hada. Noqona qof macalin ku ah maadada Advanced Algebra.
Nala soo xiriir oo noo soo gudbi sida aad u aragto koorsadan iyo waliba wixii kale ee aan ku dari laheyn ama aan kaa caawin laheyn.

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