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Probability & Statistics

Probability This course gives you a broad overview on several concepts and real world examples of probability. Students who want to learn concepts from scratch, would find it helpful to kickstart their preparation and the course helps them to overcome any hurdles in their homework assignments or any competitive exams. The course is also designed for…

College Algebra

Math is incomplete without Algebra. Algebra is major part of Math. Algebra is everywhere in our lives. You cannot go for higher studies in Math without algebra.  It is a gateway to higher Math like Calculus, Geometry and Trigonometry. Algebra is foundational for advanced Math classes, as well as many…

Fundamental Algebra

Algebra is one of the most important sections for any competitive exams and one of the foundations of Math.  At least 8-10 questions appear in exams. A good understanding of the basic concepts is essential for not just to get a higher grade in exams but for subjects such as…

Integral Calculus

Calculus 2 (Integral Calculus) is a course that you will study integration such as integration techniques, improper integrals, antiderivatives, application of the definite integral, differential equations, and approximations using Taylor polynomials and series. This course is required students wishing to pursue a degree in Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Computer science, and…

Differential Calculus

Calculus1 (Differential Calculus)  is the introductory course of Calculus as it covers all the essential topics and is vital for any students wishing to pursue a degree in Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Computer science, Business, and Physical sciences. In this course in Calculus1 you will learn various differentiation rules that will…


This Chemistry course is a comprehensive introduction covering everything you will need to know about General Chemistry.  It does not matter how much, or how little, prior knowledge of Chemistry you have got as this course will take you through all the necessary stages. This course is designed to help…

Matrices and Sets

In this course, we will explain the essentials of Linear Algebra and everything that you need to understand the basics of linear algebra. The course is very hands on, with lots of examples and practice problems. If you want to begin a modern courses in Machine Learning, Data Science, Computer…

Sequence and Series

This course will learn everything about Arithmetic Progression, Geometric Progression and some special series – from deriving formulas for nth term, finding sum of first n terms, sum of first n natural numbers, sum of squares & cubes of first n natural numbers. The course will demonstrate many solved examples,…